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About Us

With a mission to produce solutions that enhance quality of life and a visionary approach that has brought innovations for 83 years, Iskefe Holding has introduced Naturagen Collagen to the international market. Holding seven Leather Factories, a Gelatin Production Facility, an Animal Source Liquid Amino Acid Production Facility, an R&D Center, and Test Laboratories within its structure; the holding began utilizing its experience in these fields in collagen production as well.Allocating 10% of its turnover to R&D activities, the company operates in the field of medical technologies with a focus on innovation and high technology. Within this scope, with Naturagen Collagen added to its brands, it offers consumers a wide range of products for healthy beauty.

Our Story

Naturagen Collagen is the company within Iskefe Holding that produces collagen hydrolysate as a food supplement for ultimate consumption in domestic and international markets, and is responsible for its production, sales, and marketing. The most important values of Naturagen are ensuring that the collagen hydrolysate food supplement products that consumers need are of high quality, reliable, and traceable raw material content and are offered to customers at affordable prices.

Who is Naturagen Kolajen?

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